The story behind Crazy Hours

Crazy Hours, a website for people with unconventional hours.

When asked what sparked the idea of Crazy Hours, I recall a long conversation with my oldest daughter Andrea in which she asked me why I wasn’t putting more focus into my dating life. My reply seemed intuitive: “How can anyone date when they work such crazy hours?” I started thinking of the countless times I’ve had to reschedule dates because *expletive* hit the fan at work. That is when the idea of Crazy Hours came to mind.  After all, the world is a different place for people who work crazy hours! From warehouse workers to hospital staff, restaurant crews, transportation employees, first responders, etc. When you think about it, practically every sector relies on a team to work off-normal hours. Those crazy hours workers deserve love too!

Crazy Hours is my concept of the most ‘organic’ way to meet people online who share a similar lifestyle and can understand the glory of missing the commute and often making extra pay, as well as the pain of celebrating holidays on non-holidays and trying to black out the sunlight in favor of some shut-eye.

Keeping it simple, Crazy Hours has no fancy algorithm or program hiding behind the curtain pulling cyber strings. We are an all-inclusive, organically grown social network that provides a fresh outlook on dating. Sparks can fly round the clock at Crazy Hours, how great is that?!