The Brunch Date

By Maria Paz | September 23, 2019

The Brunch Date Brunch is a meal filled with endless possibilities. It’s like vacation, where we let ourselves run wild and free. That’s why Brunch is perfect for a date. You want to order French Toast with strawberries and whipped cream, a side of bacon, hashbrowns and eggs, go ahead. No one’s going to judge. Bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s at 10am? It’s almost an unwritten rule (please drink responsibly). It’s early enough in the day, so if it goes

Seattle Ramen Date Spots

Send Noods: Ramen Date

By Crazy Hours Team | March 29, 2019

When coffee dates and bar meetups begin to get stale, how about something fun, sophisticated and best of all delicious? It’s time for a ramen date. There are few things in life more comforting and satisfying as a steaming hot bowl of ramen. A rich broth with springy noodles are the perfect ingredients for a ramen-tic evening. Here are 5 spots around town to get your slurp on. Ramen Danbo – Capitol Hill  Capitol Hill has become the Mecca

crazy hours great pizza date spots in seattle

Take a Little Pizza my Heart

By Crazy Hours Team | February 22, 2019

 Take a Little Pizza My Heart Pizza is the perfect date.  It’s casual and comforting, setting the right mood to get to know your date.  It’s sharable. Try splitting a pizza and let each person choose half. You might discover a little something about your date and spark some conversation.  And to top it off, a quality pizza is delicious and doesn’t break the bank. Here are 5 of the best Pizza Date spots around Seattle. Delancey (Ballard) – Pizza

Be the Kind of Soul Mate you are Hoping to Find

By Crazy Hours Team | February 1, 2019

 Most of us spend a majority of our lives looking for our soul mates. I have always grown up believing there’s only one person that we belong with. That once we find them our lives will become more fulfilling. The problem with this, is that we’re expecting someone else to change our lives and affect our happiness. This never works. Unless you’re a fairy tale character.We are the only true hero in our tale! I believe the success to finding

How to Make your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

By Crazy Hours Team | November 7, 2018

So, you’ve signed up for Crazy Hours. Everything seems exciting until you are asked to create your profile.  What do you do next? The pressure to stand out becomes, and you may not even want to continue! We know that everyone is unique and different. There will always be something that helps you stand out over your competition. You must make sure you highlight these unique traits. Here are some helpful tips in doing so: 1.    Make it a

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The story behind Crazy Hours

By Crazy Hours Team | November 2, 2018

When asked what sparked the idea of Crazy Hours, I recall a long conversation with my oldest daughter Andrea in which she asked me why I wasn’t putting more focus into my dating life. My reply seemed intuitive: “How can anyone date when they work such crazy hours?” I started thinking of the countless times I’ve had to reschedule dates because *expletive* hit the fan at work. That is when the idea of Crazy Hours came to mind.  After all,