How to Make your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

So, you’ve signed up for Crazy Hours. Everything seems exciting until you are asked to create your profile.  What do you do next? The pressure to stand out becomes, and you may not even want to continue!

We know that everyone is unique and different. There will always be something that helps you stand out over your competition. You must make sure you highlight these unique traits. Here are some helpful tips in doing so:

1.    Make it a conversation starter
To write a good online dating profile, you do not need to be a New York Times Best Selling author. You want to be able to build an instant connection with your online crush. Try writing your profile in a way that is like how you speak with your friends. You’ll be giving your potential next date a sneak peek at what dating you would be like, so focus on what makes you tick! Do you have any unusual hobbies? Rituals? What makes you get excited to get up in the morning? You are awesome! So, make sure you are doing yourself justice!


2.   The perfect profile picture
A picture speaks a thousand words. And “good” photos are needed to capture your crush’s attention. Of course, this does not mean that you must be drop-dead “gorgeous/hot.” You may have just written the next Nicholas Sparks novel for your profile, yet it doesn’t mean anything if your pictures make you out to be jerk/diva. (stop with the bathroom pics)
There are a lot of people out there that look at profile pictures to check out more than just looks. You would be surprised to know that if you have an image where you are doing something – like parasailing, hiking, meditating, riding horses- you’ll get more responses! Reveal your personality through your pictures and tell your story.


3.   Paint yourself in a positive light
When talking about certain aspects of your life, try not to use negative language. You would not be interested in someone if their whole profile was down, depressing and you were getting a negative vibe. Instead, focus on things/people you DO enjoy, that interest you and that you want to attract into your life. We also do not want to attract negative people!


4.    Honesty is the best policy
It is easy to fabricate the truth about our lives in an effort to come across better others. Though the truth always has a funny way of popping up where you would least expect it. Have you not seen a ROMCOM? Instead of risking what could turn out to be a good thing by lying, just be honest.
5.    Create a memorable username 
Make sure to create a username that will best describe you. Your online dating username is one of the first things people will see about you. Make it count!