Send Noods: Ramen Date

Seattle Ramen Date Spots

When coffee dates and bar meetups begin to get stale, how about something fun, sophisticated and best of all delicious? It’s time for a ramen date. There are few things in life more comforting and satisfying as a steaming hot bowl of ramen. A rich broth with springy noodles are the perfect ingredients for a ramen-tic evening. Here are 5 spots around town to get your slurp on.

Ramen Danbo – Capitol Hill 
Capitol Hill has become the Mecca of the ramen scene in Seattle. At Ramen Danbo it’s all about having it your way. This ramen restaurant lets you customize your bowl from noodle thickness & firmness and the thickness, richness & spiciness of the broth. So good you may want to ask for “Keadama” which is an extra serving of noodles.



Kizuki Ramen – Bellevue, Capitol Hill, West Seattle, Lynwood, Tukwila 

With five locations in and around Seattle, you’ll always have a Kizuki nearby. While they specialize in tonkotsu (pork) ramen, this chain has a few tricks up their sleeve. First is the tsukemen ramen or dipping ramen. A highly concentrated broth with noodles served on the side. Second, they have a vegan veggie ramen with shitake broth that you can get with their green kale noodles.



Suika – Capitol Hill 

Stepping into Suika is like being transported to a Tokyo izakaya, with an intimate atmosphere that’s perfect for date night. Known for their “Hellz Ramen” with a fiery and flavorful oxtail broth, Suika delivers the goods. This place is small and gets busy quickly, but it’s also one of the few places that takes reservations.



Menya Musashi Niten Ichiryu 

What separates Menya Musashi from the rest of the pack is their unique pork & fish broth, with emphasis on the fish. There are a lot of options for add ons here, like slow braised pork belly and deep fried tonkatsu (pork cutlet). Ramen is available in both traditional and tsukemen style. As a side bonus, it’s right around the corner from Salt & Straw.


Yoroshiku – Wallingford 

Yoroshiku roughly translates to “nice to meet you” in Japanese, which makes it solid choice for a first date. Located in the Wallingford neighborhood boasts and excellent Happy Hour and one of the best selections of Japanese sake & whiskey in Seattle. While most places specialize in tonkotsu (pork) ramen, Yoroshiku offers shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce) and miso broths.